< Vast experience providing seamless rolled rings in nickel and titanium alloys for critical components of aero engines. We got it all, whether you’re looking for components for fan cases, compressors, combustion chambers, turbines, transmission and exhaust. In an industry where certainty matters most, we make sure that you’re ready for takeoff. 1- Fan cases: This area of the engine is where the air at atmospheric pressure first starts its journey through the jet engine with ever increasing velocity and pressure. Fan cases are usually made from Titanium (Ti 6-4 and Ti 6-4-2) in diameters up to 3.5 meters. Power generation: from simple rings to complex shapes with geometries we have the capabilities to manufacture a wide range of materials, sizes and geometries. Industrial Gas Turbines: Inlet Rings, Shroud Rings, Retaining Rings, Seal Rings, Support Rings, Blade Rings, Outlet Rings, Casings. Steam Turbine: Diaphragm Rings, Nozzle Rings, Diffuser Rings, Flanges. Compressors: Casings. Generators: Forgings used to build medium to large generators and motors. our flexible manufacturing process enables us to deliver a wide range of materials and geometries in short turnarounds. rolled rings and open die forgings with the highest quality and according to industry specifications. Our range of product solutions is diverse since we serve several industrial machinery markets such as: Rotary Equipment: Large Tires, Trunnions, Gears, Rolls, Shafts and Pinions. Medical Equipment: Bearings for Medical Scanners. Transmission: Rings and Open Die Forgings for Gears, Trunnions, Pinions, Etc. Pumps and Valves: Rolled Rings and Discs for Pumps and Valves. Handling Equipment: Forged Rings, Contoured Rings, Discs and Open Die Forgings for Winches, Sheaves, Hubs, Pulleys. Autoclaves: Head Flange, Shell Flange and Locking Ring, Closures. We understand the complex requirements and critical characteristics that the oil & gas industry equipment has to withstand. provide forging solutions with the highest quality and strictly manufactured according to industry standards and customer drawings. Our forgings are critical components used in drilling & production systems for downstream, midstream and upstream equipment.  Casing & Special Connectors  Christmas Trees  Closures  Drilling & Production Tools  Drilling Risers  Flanges  Flex Joints  Fracking  Jacking Systems  Manifolds  Mooring Systems  Mud Pumps  Pipeline Connections & Repair Systems  Rotary Tables  Valves  Wellheads By delivering the highest-performing forgings we help our customers make the most of their wind turbine platforms. Our product portfolio includes seamless rolled rings and open die forgings that offer increased value to our customers through proven performance, reliability, and availability. Shafts: A wind turbine’s main shaft must withstand axial and radial loads and operate under harsh, continuously changing conditions. We can provide forging solutions for main shaft bearing arrangements. Bearings: when it comes to wind turbine bearings, manufacturers need a supplier with the experience and capability to support critical pitch, yaw and main hub bearings applications. We carry various steel grades like 42CrMo4 and 52100 among many others. Flanges: The tower supports the weight of the nacelle and rotor hub, and must be strong enough to withstand the movement caused by the force of the wind upon the blades. Our flanges connect tower sections, offering strength and flexibility to endure tough conditions. Typical steel grades include A694 F42 and S355NL, and most of our rings are contoured Gears: Our focus is to supply rings that comply with the most stringent requirements. We normally carry steel grades like: 30CrNiMo8, 34CrNiMo6, 18CrNiMo7-6, 42CrMo4, etc. Some of the rings that we supply are for the following gearbox components: Ring Gears, Bull Gear, Planetary Gears, Output Gear, and Quill Shaft. Couplings: The coupling assures the transmission of the torque between the gearbox and generator. We normally carry steel grades like: 42CrMo4, F22, etc. Mining: Shovels: Swing Gears, Roller Paths, Carrier Ring Blank, Rim, Swing Pinion, Hoist Gear, Swing Shaft, Mounting Plate, Rim Gear, Sheave, Hub, Hoist Drums, Lower Rollers. Our seamless rolled rings can be forged in configurations ranging from flat, rectangular-cross section, washer-like parts to tall, cylindrical shapes. They represent the absolute best option since they deliver higher strength and toughness versus the alternatives of castings, welds or flame-cut plate. This forging process offers the benefits of forged rings, but also brings important savings in material and machining hours, enabling us to offer a product that will increase the efficiency of your processes at no quality compromises, and ultimately make you more competitive. The inside diameter of our hollows is forged into the part rather than bored from a bar, which makes them an excellent option that eliminates extra time, cost and material waste. Since we forge them as asingle component; we pass along several benefits to our customers by saving production time and increasing part strength. The open die forging process for our shafts enables us to orient the grain flow all along the geometry, which is essential for achieving the high mechanical properties expected of a product of this type. Our forging capabilities provide significant cost and material savings when compared to machined bar step shafts. Our forged discs are and ideal solutions for high wear applications, such as mills, gear manufacturing, heat exchangers, mining equipment and heavy machinery. Our unique capabilities of rolled discs deliver flatter and fuller products with better mechanical properties and machining set up time, than other conventional forging processes. Even as early as solution development, we incorporate our fabrication expertise with the goal of designing and manufacturing components that meet all requirements, but are optimised for cost. We help you select raw materials, organise warehousing and ensure the availability of your components. We make the required components - from rough parts through rough and finish machining to ready-to-install components or to the assembly of modules. We offer you long-term expertise and reliability from one source. Innovative processes The combination of various forging technologies creates cost-efficient solutions. Thanks to our three forging processes, we can also offer original, unique solutions. Expert advice Our sales team and our mechanical and materials engineers will support you in the design and manufacture of your components. Customised solution development Each project is worked out in detail according to your requirements and needs. With us, runs of all sizes, prototypes and special designs are all in experienced hands. Forging is a core competency but at the same time it is one element in an entire value added chain, from solution development to ready-to-install components. And that means we can meet your requirements perfectly. Talk to us to find out more. Varying requirements – the perfect range of materials • Mechanical/technological characteristics • Resistance to corrosion • Weldability • Permeability • Machinability • Specific weight • Availability • Price Material know-how – our strength We have extensive material experience in massive forming and the cutting of steels, non-ferrous metals, nickel-based alloys and special materials. We would be happy to advise you on material selection. We process: • Steels (structural steels, corrosion-resistant steels, heat-resistant and high-temperature steels, ESU steels, duplex steels, ...) • Aluminium alloys • Titanium alloys • Nickel-based alloys • Copper alloys • Special materials • Metal Matrix Composites Ring rolling is a highly productive, CNC-controlled forming process for manufacturing seamless rings and bushings ). Unlike bent and welded rings, rings manufactured in this way have no seams. Their structure is thus homogeneous and the grain flow appropriately designed in circumferential direction. The use of material is optimal, unlike rings made from laminate or solids. There is no use of superfluous, often very expensive material.   • Thin-walled rings • Multiple rings, cast and finish-machined • Rings made of aluminium materials In combination with drop forging, an incredible number of different, affordable components can be realised. The benefits of ring rolling • Perfectly round rings with clean, smooth surfaces and minimal machining allowance • Rough turning generally not needed, ideal for direct CNC fabrication • Homogeneous structure sealed tight against gas and liquids, with appropriate grain flow • Outstanding mechanical properties • Practically no set-up costs • For individual parts and also runs economical use of material, components can be recycled • Wide range of materials The benefits of drop forging • Variety of forms appropriate grain flow • Economical use of materials • Near net shape or net shape • High degree of precision • Homogeneous, fine-grained, flawless structure • Sealed tight against gas and liquids • Extremely tough and durable components • Wide range of materials   The benefits of open-die forging • Flexible shaping • Programmable and reproducible forging processes • Not tied to specific tools – and therefore low set-up costs • More complex shapes possible with auxiliary tools • Homogeneous, fine-grained, flawless structure • Optimised grain flow • Outstanding mechanical properties • Tough, durable components • Economical use of materials • Attractive even for individual pieces • Wide range of materials