Altona Metals International

Centrifugally Cast Rings in Copper and Aluminium Alloys

Our manufacturing facility is a world leader in the field of Centrifugal Casting, also know as spun casting. With many years of experience and high level of technical skill coupled with investment in the latest tooling we are able to offer centrifugal castings up to 3500mm diameter with a maximum weight of 16 tons.

We are able to supply aluminium bronze castings for use with heavy machinery, for example rolling mills and power presses, and for the steel industry. In addition we supply tin, zinc and copper castings for use in the marine and power generation industry plus high lead bronzes for manufacture of bearings, typically used in the chemical, paper and cement production industries. We can also supply centrifugal castings of all aluminium alloys except those containing magnesium. Supplementing our ability to supply proof machined centrifugal castings we are also able to supply bushes, fully machined to customers drawings in all alloys, ready for use.

All products are covered by our ISO accreditation and may be released to any number of internationally recognised norms, for example: DIN, AFNOR, ASTM, BS, EN, ISO, SIS, SAE etc.

We are also able to supply aluminium silicon alloy centrifugal castings up to 3500mm diameter with a maximum weight of 3000 kilos.