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We supply Electro Resistance Welded Aluminium Alloy Tubes designed specifically for use in Low Temperature Multi Effect Distillation. The LT- MED technology offers superior thermodynamic efficiency compared to MSF, while the lower operation temperature reduces scaling. The lower temperature also makes it possible to use aluminium for the condenser tubes.

The alloy of choice for this application is 5052. This is because one of the major issues when selecting aluminium for condenser tubes of low-temperature MED plants is the impact of corrosion on 5052-aluminium tubes. The reduced corrosiveness of seawater at lower temperatures combined with the use of de-aerated feed water lowers the corrosion level significantly.

MED plants around the world have been using our aluminium alloy 5052 ERW tubes for many years, confirming the technical and economical advantages which our tubes offer.

Our principals, EMC Distribution Ltd, one of the foremost manufacturers of ERW tubes in the EU are a major supplier of 5052 ERW tubes which can be supplied as standard round tubes or to customer's own design.

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